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Is Assam famous for petroleum or coal?

Assam has abundant mineral resources coal, petroleum, limestone and natural gas are the principal mineral resources. It is also the largest producer of crude oil in India. Other minor minerals include magnetic quartzite, silimanites, iron, ore clay and fredspar etc. Oil India Limited (OIL) is the second largest hydrocarbon exploration and production Indian public sector company with its operational headquaters in Duliajan, Assam. India under the adminstrative control of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Assam is a major producer of crude oil and natural gas in India. It was the second place in the world where petroleum was discovered. Asia's first sucessful mechanically drilled oil well was Makum (Assam) way back in 1867. The second oldest oil well in the world still produces crude oil. One of the biggest public sector oil companies in the country. Assam has four oil refineries located at Guwahati, Digboi, Numaligarh, and Bongaigoan with total capacity of 7 MMT

Kochi Refinery (Petroleum Industry in Kerala)

Kochi Refinery

Kochi Refinery is a Crude oil Refinery in the city of Kochi in Kerala, India. It is the largest public sector refinery in India with a production capacity of 31.50 million tones per year. It is Private Sector Oil Refinery. Kochi Refinery was founded by 27 April, 1963. Kochi Refinery Limited it was acquired by Bharat Petroleum Coorperation Limited (BPCL) in the year 2006. 

The Company was formally registered as Cochin Refineries Ltd. on 6 September, 1963 at Ernakulam. Phillips Petroleum International Corperation was the Prime contractors for the construction of the refinery. 


Kochi Refinery makes Speciality products for domestic markets Viz. Benzene, Toluene, White Spirit, Poly Iso Butene and Sulphur.

Kochi Refinery offers supplies of any grade Fuel Oil (both 180 cst and 380 cst) and Low Aromatic Naphthene (High Paraffinic) to the international market.

Kochi Refinery also produces speciality grade bitumen products like Natural Rubber Modified Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsion etc.

The Fuel Oil has been bench marked in the Singapore and Dubai Fuel Oil markets.

Currently Kochi Refinery is known as BPCL Kochi Refinery (BPCL KR). KR had undergone a capacity expansion which made it a 15.5 million tonnes per year refinery. This project called Integrated Refinery Expansion Project will also mark KR's foray into petrochemical business. It is a 20,000 crores rupees project.


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